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Scroll down to find out more about each of the classes we provide:

Street Dance 
& Mini Street Dance

Street Dance is an umbrella term for all Street Dance styles: Popping, Locking, Hip Hop, Breaking etc. Allowing the children to learn elements from a range of styles and learn routines packed with style! Our Director, Freedom is an experienced Street Dancer and Teacher who creates exciting and entertaining routines each term, whilst allowing time during class for 'cyphering', an essential part of Street Dance culture where children get to develop their own style and share their own moves with the class.


Commercial Dance
& Mini Commercial Dance

Commercial Dance is a lose term for a movement base inspired by one of the street dances mentioned on the left, and/or contemporary dance. These are often applied to commercial choreography in music videos or choreography for advertisements, making it a fun and varying class, structured with high energy warm ups,  stretches and entertaining routines. For the younger classes this can incorporate some of their favourite Disney film music and bring out the pure joy of dance.


Contemporary Dance
& Mini Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is a term coined around the 1980s by dancers who wanted to break free from the western traditions within ballet and explore a freer range of movement within the body as well as exploring emotions through dance. Our contemporary dance teacher Claire studied at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance and draws on her experience particularly of Cunningham and Release techniques, breaking down the foundations of standing exercises, rhythm and floorwork within her  classes.


Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance, like most dance styles, has origins linked with the era in which its related music genre was created. During the Swing Era of the 1930's and 40's in Black American society, Jazz dance was originally a social dance style, but has since then been modernised and is mostly taught through specific forms of movement, performed to a range of music, not just jazz. The class therefore is technical and fun using individual and group choreography, where the children get the chance to learn engaging routines each term

& Mini Ballet

Ballet classes consist of warm up exercises and stretches, barre, centre and travelling sequences based on standardised ballet technique. The technique itself in fact originated in Italy during the renaissance period, originally performed only for Royals and Aristocrats with its popularity spreading far and wide across the world in the last 600+ years!


Mini Ballet & Street 

This has long been one of our most popular classes for the little ones as it boasts both the discipline of ballet with the fun and energising Street Dance. The class begins with a set of ballet technique exercises, using playful ideas to engage children within the technique such as the use of dance scarves. The children then have a short time to change into their trainers for the Street Dance section of the class where they can let loose and get into the groove with some funky tunes!


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is referred to in the Street Dance community as a "stand up style" meaning its technique focuses on grooves and social moves that generally don't relate to Break Dance or floorwork. The class consists of fun warm ups and games alongside foundations of bouncing, rocking, stepping and a series of moves coined "social grooves" which are formalised movements each with their own technical term, creating the overall repertoire of Hip Hop dance from the Old Skool of the 80s to present day.  



As seen in the Olympics, this highly disciplined artform helps strengthen both the body and mind when learning flexibility, power and precision through repetition. Classes include safe but challenging stretches and techniques to develop within the artform, culminating in a routine at the end of the term, giving students a chance to practice their performance skills. 

Musical Theatre
& Mini Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre consist of the three main disciplines of dance, music and drama. In this class children explore each individual discipline throughout the course of the term and put their practice into action by learning a number to a Musical song for the end of term show!


& Mini Music


This is our latest edition to the timetable. Music classes are run in small groups of up to 6 students, enabling more focused attention from teacher to student. Classes will include a combination of practical and theory learning such as notes, scales, rhythm, and some sight reading and writing as the children's learning progresses. We will provide instruments for the children to play and also learn a bit about the culture and history of their origins.

Music Sheets

Visual Art
& Mini Visual Art

Once called 'the calm class' by one of the students, this is a lovely environment for your child to extend their love of all things art. Each student has their own sketchbook as a portfolio of their work throughout the term, which includes the foundational skills of pencil and painting control, design and learning about artists. We also cover a range of mediums such as sculpture, collage, crafts, observational drawing and painting. 

A woman singing in a record studio

& Mini Singing


This is our latest edition to the timetable. Singing classes are run in small groups of up to 6 students, enabling more focused attention from teacher to student. Classes will include vocal warm ups and exercises as well as breathe control and learning songs both aurally and with sight reading as the children's learning progresses.

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